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Admittedly, the website of the high-risk payment processor Paythrone looks acceptable. Not exactly majestic as the name might suggest, but visually at least nice. Other than that, you won’t find much on the website. Neither is it stated (or we didn’t find it) which legal entities and persons operate the payment facilitator or under which jurisdiction it operates. We have found the payment processor focused on “complex merchants” most recently in the two broker scams Spintop Capital and Optimus Markets. However, we would love to learn more about the mysterious provider.

High-Risk processor Paythrone was found facilitation scams

If one clicks on the different menu items on Paythrone‘s website like “Terms of use,” “Privacy Policy,” or “About Us,” you will not be linked anywhere. You stick on the main page. The social media icons located on the page also link only to the main page. Contacting or applying can only be done by providing the phone number. The Paythrone team will call you back, a message says. So no terms, no privacy, no additional information on the provider, and no social media connections. All very secretive, isn’t it?

In fact, it seems to be a Ukrainian payment processor with offices in Kyiv. On the web, job offers can be found on Ukrainian sites and LinkedIn. It seems to be a payment gateway provider that also offers its solution as a white label. It is said that the crypto trading platform StormGain works or has worked with the Paythrone gateway (see this review on Medium).

We would like to know more about the mysterious Ukrainian Paythrone and would appreciate information and testimonials.

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