Red Mountain Management – Boiler Room Management Looking for ‘Partners in Crime’

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Source: Facebook page of Red Mountain Management, Aug 205

A few weeks ago FinTelegram started its series about the binary options broker scams around GreyMountain Management (GMM). Since then we have been receiving information from whistleblowers showing the huge scale of this scam. The perpetrators behind the GMM scam were the Israelis David Cartu, Jonathan Cartu, and Uri Katz. The connections reach deep into the Israeli scam scene and also lead to Israeli Guy Galboiz and his Romanian partner Stefan Trasca.

With MigFin in Tel Aviv and Red Mountain Management in Bucharest, the two have driven two boiler rooms for various illegal binary options providers. The picture shows Bucharest boiler room employees “looking for a partner in crime”.

The qualification for becoming a “partner in crime” can be found here on an online jobs exchange. The boiler room was located in the Phoenicia Business Center in Bucharest.

We will report in detail in part III of the GreyMountain series. In particular, it will be shown how the GMM and Red Mountain Management scams are connected with Eyal Nachum, Tamir Zoltovski, Oded Jeremitsky and their payment services providers Payobin and Moneta International UAB.

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