RIP MisterBit – the next broken Estonian payment processor?

Estonian MisterBit and Isunext vanished
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FinTelegram has issued a lot of reports and warnings against broker scams or unauthorized brokers over the last two years where it was licensed Estonian crypto payment processor Futurus X OÜ d/b/a MisterBit as a facilitator. Ivan Abramov and Italian Cristiano Chiarugi are/were the managers responsible for MisterBit. While the website of licenses XFinances OÜ d/b/a Isunext have been down for weeks, MisterBit‘s website has been broken for weeks. It seem that this is the next vanishing licensed Estonian scam facilitators!

Key data

Trading namesMisterBit
Legal entityFuturus X OÜ (MisterBit)
XFinance OÜ (Isunext)
Related individualsCristiano Chiarugi (MisterBit)
Ivan Abramov (MisterBit)
RegulatorFIU Estonia license no FVT000491
Facilitated schemeLatvian Racket
XFinances, eXFinances
Zurich Invests, BeforexCapital
and counting

Short narrative

The Latvian Pavel Krasovskis of Isunext

According to the records of the Estonian License Register, Estonian lawyer and consultant Ivan Abramov, Board Member at the Estonian law firm and company builder Diamont Law, is still listed as the person responsible for the license of Futurux X OÜ. According to our reports, he has resigned as a director. He is likely to have been nu pure nominee anyway.

The Latvian Pavels Krasovskis is one of the beneficial owners and director of the now vanished Isunext. We have reported about this vanished crypto payment processor already a few weeks ago.

Italien Cristiano Chiarugi is the director of MisterBit

Whistleblowers have told us that Italian Cristiano Chiarugi is one of the beneficial owners of MisterBit. Currently is also the only remaining director of the company.

Calling the website has been taking a very long time for several weeks now. After that, one receives various error messages. It does not seem that MisterBit is still active at the moment. In any case, the website looks like that of a broken company.

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If you have any information about MisterBit, its operators and partners, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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