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The #Envion shareholder left 30.000 innocent ICO investors felt ripped off. Criminal and civil proceedings are piling up. As both fighting parties are sitting on a load of funds – provided by those 30.000 investors, it can be expected that those proceedings will take years. Most ENVION investors feel helpless in this shareholder battle. Some of Envion founder team have moved forward and are now applying the same overhyped marketing methods to other upcoming Token Sales like the RISE-ECO STO as we reported.

Perhaps the ENVION promotors feel that they can get away with these questionable methods.  But to take on 30.000 investors from different jurisdictions maybe is just too much. Investors evidently fight back and take aggressive actions to prevent further frauds:

  • So defrauded Envion investors set up the website: www.laurentmartin.co to point to the questionable activities of the head of the ENVION communications Laurent MARTIN.
    Laurent Martin Website
    Laurent Martin Website
  • Some ENVION ICO investors set up their own telegram channels to organize their resistance against the ENVION people and their new projects. The telegram channel #RiseSTO investors, for example, was set up to organize a collective investigation effort for the planned RISE ECO Security Token Offering (STO). They plan to fight back on the once again overhyped marketing campaign (run by Laurent Martin) for this STO and protect naive investors.  The channel becomes increasingly popular and already counts more than 560 members.
    RiseSTO Telegram Channel
    RiseSTO Telegram Channel

Fintelegram´s take on that:

The ENVION case has not yet been decided by the courts. The RISCE ECO STO may or may not become the very same investors’ disaster as ENVION. The crypto-industry has developed quite a lot over the past 6 months. Crypto-investors learned their lessons from cases such as ENVION and become more critical. It has always been FinTelegram’s mission to educate and protect investors. Hence, all actions that support investors education are highly welcome.  We definitely like all these initiatives. Just keep going!

Like investors, enforcement agencies and courts need some time to get the required understanding about the crypto-scene. The mills of justice grind slowly but steadily!



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