The new EuroTrader Group of Ozan Ozerk regulated by CySEC and FSCA

EuroTrader Group and Ozan Ozerk
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EuroTrader is a forex and CFD broker brand owned and operated by the EuroTrader Group, a group of regulated companies owned by the fintech entrepreneur Ozan Ozerk. Until at least April 2021, the latter has also been one of the founders and beneficial owners behind the offshore broker LQDFX. Since we published our report about the EuroTrader Group in April 2021 and exposed the offshore activities around the Marshall Islands-registered EuroTrade Global Ltd, some significant changes have been made. Thus, we updated our report with the latest developments.

The EuroTrader Group comprises several legal entities supervised under several regulatory regimes. Since our initial report on the group’s activities in April 2019, some changes have been made. Below we listed the current details and explain the changes:

Brands and domains:

  • EuroTrader.co.za has been terminated after our report; the domain redirects to www.eurotrader.com
  • EuroTrader.com is positioned as the international brand for non-EU clients regulated by South African FSCA
  • EuroTrader.eu is the CySEC-approved domain and brand for EU clients


Legal entities and regulation

  • The offshore entity EuroTrade Global Ltd in the Marshall Islands used to operate the domain www.eurotrader.com until our report in April 2021; now longer
  • Eurotrade SA (Pty) Ltd, South Africa, was granted the license FSP No 44351 by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa; it used to operate EuroTrader.co.za but is now stated as the regulated operator of EuroTrader.com
  • Eurotrade Investments RGB Ltd, Cyprus, regulated by the CySEC with the license number 279/15 is the operator of EuroTrader.eu; additionally, the domains www.eurocapital.com and www.eurotrader.group are also approved by CySEC.
  • EuroTrade RGB Holdings Ltd, Cyprus, is the holding company of EuroTrader Group.
  • Swiss Asset Global AG in Zurich, Switzerland, monitored by the self-regulatory organization ARIF, is stated as a legal entity on www.eurotrader.com. However, the company’s purpose is to invest in real estate and does not have a license as broker or dealer.

All clients of the EuroTrader Group and its platforms are serviced through the same support structure.

The accountant

We have also learned that Ozan Ozerk runs the broker activities of EuroTrader and LQDFX together with his long-time partner Soteris Georgiou, born in November 1978. The latter is a partner in the accounting firm Georgiou & Prasanna with firms in the UK and Cyprus. The firm’s website at www.gp-ca.com has been offline for months.


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