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The “Official” Optioment Discussion at Crypto42 Summit Vienna

Crypto42 Summit 2018Well, that sounds like an interesting development. The Vienna lawyer that filed the complaint against the Optioment promoters with the prosecutor’s office will present the case at the Crypto42 Token Investment Summit 2018. The event is organized by the Research Institute for CryptoEconomics at the┬áVienna University of Economics and Business.

We just spoke with the summit’s event team around Shermin VOSHMGIR and Elfriede SIXT and learned that investors protection in connection with ICOs, Crypto-MLM and regulation will be one of the top priority topics at the event. Thus, FinTelegram was asked to do a presentation at the event which we will probably do. Could be a great event to officially launch “The Financial Telegram” and present some investigations to the audience.

It’s finally good news for the crypto-investment scene that investors protection has put on the agenda of such events. Even more so as this is an academic event with highly recognized speakers.

If you are interested to attend the summit please let us know. We have been offered some free tickets for our members. You can request tickets via the contact form here.

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