Nexus Global, OMNIA and Christian Michel Scheibener

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Christian Michel Scheibner
Christian Michel Scheibener – a huge bitcoin seller!

We received an interesting whistleblower message yesterday informing us that the German entrepreneur Christian Michel Scheibener is the man behind the Nexus Global project. On his LinkedIn profile Scheibener claims to be the founder and CEO of Nexus Global – the next big thing. Nexus Global claims to be a sustainable transparent mining company with the first worldwide MultiWallet — made in Germany!”

Scheibener was one of the founders and CEO of OMNIA Mining Network. The other one is Robert Velghe who still runs OMNIA. In a video published in December 2017 , Robert Velghe announced that OMNIA closed a big deal with an Austrian energy company to establish a huge crypto-mining facility in Austria. While Velghe disclosed the Austrian mining facility Scheibener founded NEXUS Global Ltd.

Christian Michel Scheibener as the promotor of NEXUS Global makes sense. He is a German as is Uwe LENHOFF, the co-founder of VELTYCO which is the partner for the NEXUS Global Crypto-MLM. It is heard that the Austrian Joachim KALCHER is the developer of 8Crypt which is said to be the basis for the MultiWallet. VELTYCO just recently acquired 51% of a company that has the exclusive rights to market the 8Crypt technology.

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