Trade Com Racket – More scam-facilitating crypto payment processors exposed

Trade Com Racket and its crypto payment facilitators
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Whistleblower Credits: We would like to thank our whistleblowers for their reports and insights, which help us expose scammers and their payment processors. Together we can make a difference in cyberspace. Together we are an invincible force.

The crypto exchange Crypto4x (www.crypto4x.net) is a clone of the crypto exchange Tradient (www.tradient.net). There are more of these Tradient clones, such as Qxtrade (www.qxtrade.co) or CrypTek (www.cryptek.fr). According to information from our whistleblowers, these are payment processors in the Trade Com Racket, just like the Latvian Paybis (www.paybis.com), a FinCEN-registered money service business. The Trade Com Racket operates a huge network of broker scams.

Paybis is the trading style of Paybis Ltd registered in Edinburgh, Scotland, which is managed and controlled by Latvian Inokentijs Isers, born in October 1984. The company is registered with the U.S. FinCEN with the number 31000175037491. Despite being registered in the UK, Paybis used to be a Latvian venture. However, According to the UK Companies register, Isers Inokentijs became a UK resident in April 2021. Through the Paybis platform, customers can buy cryptocurrencies using credit and debit cards. This should work well. On Trustpilot, Paybis has a 4.4-star rating with an “excellent” trust level out of more than 13,600 reviews.

We are working on an update on the Trade Com Racket case. Please stay tuned!

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