Update on UKoptions, Worldwide Tech, And Uri Katz

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FinTelegram yesterday published the first part of the report on “GreyMountain Management (GMM) and Wirecard Mystery“. Among other things, this part examined the activities of the Israeli Uri Katz around illegal binary options platforms and his Worldwide Tech Ltd. As a first reaction, we have received extensive documentation from whistleblowers about Uri Katz and his UKoptions. This scam was just one of the many of the GMM network.

The featured screenshot presents part of a lawyer’s confirmation that Smartech Ltd is the beneficial owner of UKoptions. Accordingly, Worldwide Tech Ltd, registered in the UK, was the payment service provider for the scheme (download the confirmation letter here).

Smartech Limited is the operator of the website www.ukoptions.com.
The company fully owns a UK subsidiary, named Worldwide Tech Limited, which was established and operates solely for the purpose of credit card and payment processing, for the benefit of Smartech Limited services.

Legal certification on the beneficial ownership of UKoptions

Director of Worldwide Tech was Uri Katz, partner of Jonathan Cartu and David Cartu at GMM.

In part 2 of our report to uncover the GMM & Wirecard mystery we will look at further details and try to present some more answers.

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