Urgent Warning Against Statehill Scam Broker

Investor warning against Statehill broker scheme
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German regulator BaFin has issued a warning against scam broker Statehills. The content on the Statehills.com website, as well as information available to BaFin, justifies the assumption that the company is engaged in unauthorized banking and financial services. The website does not contain an imprint or any information about the operators. Victims may lose their money via crypto deposits. Stay far away and protect your financial health.

Key Data

Trading nameStatehills
ActivityScam broker
Legal entitynot disclosed
Contact data+41225013230
[email protected]
Jurisdictionnot disclosed
Payment optionsCrypto
Exposed BTC wallet3EqnTPsNdH8a79eSYawcu4YKhGiXogQkfa

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