Vienna Cybercrime Trials – Passionate law enforcement teams meet whistleblowers and EFRI

SZ Der Fall des Wolfes Gal Barak
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The Vienna Cybercrime Trials (“#VCT“) have been an important step in the fight against scammers, cybercrime, and money laundering. Not only in Vienna. The findings of the law enforcement team in Vienna have also facilitated investigations and prosecutions in other jurisdictions and other scam cases. The first arrests in connection with the #VCT were made by EU arrest warrants issued by Austrian authorities. Thanks to the help of whistleblowers and FinTelegram. Now, leading EU investigative media like SZ report about the “Fall of the Wolf.

Vienna is the headquarters of UNODOC, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime FinTelegram is a member of. In this respect, it is only consequent that the Vienna law enforcement team has succeeded in striking the first massive blow against cybercrime in Europe and its foreign non-European principals.

In the course of the #VCT investigation, the law enforcement teams followed the money’s trail across literally the entire world. Via exposed payment processors such as Payvision of B2G, the links to other cybercrime organizations, and scammers also made it possible to track the money. Important here were initial bank details provided by a whistleblower. According to the information available to FinTelegram, this information will be used as a basis for charges against scammers and money launderers in various EU countries and Switzerland this year.

This will also help the victims of these scams. Through the actions of the law enforcement teams, millions have already been secured and are available to victims for restitution payments. In the case of Gal Barak, real estate in Bulgaria has also been seized, which is available to his victims.

After the conviction of Gal Barak, the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI), co-founded by FinTelegram News, is working together with lawyers to make the confiscated funds and assets available to the victims. The court has awarded these funds to the victims.

More money will be seized in the course of the #VCT, more convictions will be seen, and perhaps for the first time in 10 years, cybercrime victims will get the chance for justice and money. Thanks to passionate and dedicated law enforcement teams, whistleblowers, and EFRI. Let’s fight scams and cybercrime. Let’s go for the wolves!

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