Whistleblower Request: German BaFin Warns Against The Vanished Scam Broker Mtrade24!

BaFin warns against Mtrade24 scam broker
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The financial supervisory authority BaFin warns against offers made by mtrade24-Finanzportal GmbH, operators of the scam broker Mtrade24, who offer financial and securities services without permission. They advertise that victims can recover the financial damages incurred from the scam broker privateacc211.com. Victims are asked to make further deposits in cryptocurrencies. However, profits allegedly resulting from these transactions are not paid out. Please let us know more.

NinjaTrader Key Data

Trading namesMtrade24
ActivityOnline brokerage
Attacking languagesEnglish, German
Social medianot disclosed
Legal entitiesMtrade24-Finanzportal GmbH
JurisdictionGermany, Belgium
Payment optionscredit/debit card, bank wird
Compliance ratingBlack

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If you have any information about the vanished broker scam Mtrade24, its operators, and its facilitators, please let us know through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.


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