Whistleblower Request – High-Risk Payment Processor HighISK!

Whistleblower Request HighISK payment processor
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We discovered the high-risk payment processor HighISK while reviewing the FinexTrader scam, which is part of the cybercrime organization we call Latvian Rackets. The website states various legal entities as the operators or responsible parties, such as Top End Trade Limited, HighISK LLC, and Pure Wallet Limited. Top End Trade Limited is a real estate company founded in January 2022 in the UK and controlled by the British Adam Arthur. He also confirms his activity as CEO of HighISK on his LinkedIn profile. We would like to know more.

Key Data

Trading nameHighISK
Business activityPayment processor
Merchant services provider
Legal entitiesTop End Trade Limited
Pure Wallet Limited
Related individualsAdam Arthur
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom

Short Narrative

We have discovered HighISK at scam broker FinexTrader as a facilitating payment processor. FinexTrader is operated by Finex Group Ltd, a UK-registered entity that is part of the Latvian Racket.

HighISK is believed to have been active on the market for only a few weeks. Top End Trade Limited was only founded in January 2022 by Brit Mohammed Khalid Raja with a share capital of €100. He resigned from the company in April 2021 and was replaced by British citizen Adam Arthur as director and beneficial owner. Knowing the UK Companies House and its relaxed rules, we know that the identity of Adam Arthur is not checked in the process. So it may as well be a fictitious person. His LinkedIn account also looks somehow like a fake profile.

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We would like to know more about the high-risk payment processor HighISK. If you have any information about the company, the acting persons, or partners, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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