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Obtaining initial information

A few days ago we published a request for information on the crypto-MLM ARBITRACOIN. Fortunately, we have already received some valuable information. Before we establish an extensive report on the file, however, we would like to give you a short update and ask you to provide us with even more information based on this update.

ARBITRACOIN is similar to OPTIOMENT in many ways. Both projects were completely unknown in the international crypto-scene. They were distributed almost exclusively via private MLM structures. Only after it became obvious that something was wrong with these projects and obviously the damage has already occurred, cases like ARBITACOIN become known. We consider ourselves as well connected members of the global crypto-community and really nobody knew ARBITRACOIN. We were also confirmed that the very existence of such an ingenious trading bot would not have gone unnoticed. As with OPTIOMENT, ARBITRACION does not operate in private mode for nothing.
Comparison with OPTIOMENT allowed?

The ARBITRACOIN project obviously disappeared just as quickly as it came onto the market. This also links ARBITRACOIN with OPTIOMENT. At the beginning of January 2018, a fancy website was taken online, a Twitter channel and a telegram channel were launched and, consequently, “Fake News” was systematically distributed. The ICO has closed a few weeks ago. And since then, neither Twitter nor Telegram has been used; no one answers investors’ questions anymore. We suspect the show is over.


Cristian Andrej GHENTA - the marketing man at ARBITRACOIN?
Cristian Andrej GHENTA – the marketing man at ARBITRACOIN? (Source: Pinterest)

After our  initial research it is becoming increasingly clear that ARBITRACOIN was probably above all and actually exclusively a short-term “rip-off” model. We identified  the first names and actors. Besides the German Michael HERRMANN (his ArbiTraCoin website here), the Austrian Karl DOPPLER and his KRYPTO GMBH were distributors of the scheme. In his March 2018 marketing webinar (when the ICO was in full swing), Karl DOPPLER speaks out Cristian Andrei GHENTA as the person responsible for the scheme’s marketing. Karl DOPPLER explicitly refers to GHENTA‘s great successes in SEO and online marketing (note: this explanation comes at minute 20 in the video). Interestingly, the website of Cristian Andrei GHENTA does not contain the slightest indication of his participation in this successful ICO. It should be noted that such statements to potential investors give rise to responsibilities and liabilities and should therefore be correct.

Connection to BitClub Network?

Cristian Andri Ghenta and BitClub Network?
Is the guy behind Russ MEDLIN really Cristian Andrei GHENTA?

We have been informed that Cristian Andrei GHENTA was also identified in a photo taken with Russ MEDLIN, the alleged founder of the world’s largest crypto-MLM scheme – the BittClub Network. See the photo on the right. We cannot verify this, but we are putting it up for discussion here. Should GHENTA actually have connections to BitClub Network, we would be grateful for any information in this regard. It would make an interesting network.

The ICO Millions

From the information providex by CoinMarketCap and the comments of Karl DOPPLER it can be concluded that at least 100 million ATC tokens were issued. Assuming that the initial price at CoinMarketCap (USD 0.355766) at least corresponds to the subscription price, the ICO reached a volume of some USD 35 million and would thus probably be the most successful ICO in Austria to date.  Unfortunately for investors, it seems to be a scam! One of the many scams in the crypto-space. At least the secrecy of the procedure, the lack of transparency and the public absence of responsible people indicate this.

We have opened the “ARBITRACOIN file” and will continue our research. Hence, we would appreciate our readers’ contribution and useful information. Please simply use our whistleblower system to get in contact with our research team. We can promise confidentiality and rapid response.

Update as of July 8th, 2018: Michael Herrmann jas confirmed his active involvement in ArbitraCoin himself by confirming again, that he supports ArbitraCoin 100%, he uses the service himself and he is prepared to show the usage to everyone who asks him. Orginalzitat: “Es geht um einen “Negativ” Beitrag zu einem Krypto Unternehmen, hinter dem ich 100% stehe, dessen Servivce ich gerne selber benutze und es auch mal jemandem zeige, der Lust auf sowas hat und mich fragt”.

ICO Expoerts shit list whistleblower


  1. Sbusiso says:

    Tamir Cohen thank you very much man for a valuable Arbitracoin update information you are sharing with us. I am miner invested in this project with the hope of getting a daily interest that should have helped me in resolving my financial crisis but unfortunately the project looks like it disappeared and they promising their investors that they are bussy updating the convection of USD to ATC of which everyone of us(investors) we don’t believe them at all now. But I am still hoping and patiently waiting that, maybe in coming weeks the system might come back to normal again. Thank you Thank you Thank you Tamir for this update and please keep us posted if you hear any other news pertaining Arbitracoin project please.

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