Attention! Another Urgent Warning Against CrystalsCapitals Broker Scam!

urgent investor warning against Royal Capitals broker scam
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We received new victim reports! The Royal Capitals, Eurotrade Invest Group, and CrystalsCapitals are broker scams, chasing after victims via fraudulent crypto campaigns and fake news articles. Anyone who registers there is automatically redirected to the scam’s payment page. The operator is allegedly Shadlake Ltd, registered in Bulgaria. As facilitating payment processors, we found OpenUp, ArdelixPay, ChargeMoney, or RESET for credit card payments. You should stay far away and protect your financial health and data.

Key Data

Trading namesRoyal Capitals
EuroTrade Invest
Eurotrade Invest Group
Fraud activityBroker scam
Legal entityShadelake Ltd (Bulgaria)
Payment optionsOpenUp, PayCore, ArdelixPay,
RESET, HoneyPay
Related schemesShadlake Ltd (https://shadlake.com)
MasterEducation (https://master-education.info)

Short Narrative

The alleged operator of Eurotrade Invest Group, Royal Capitals, CrystalCapitals, and most likely other but not yet exposed or connected broker scams, Shadlake Ltd in Bulgaria, is also the operator of MasterEducation (https://master-education.info). This platform supposedly provides knowledge for wealth building via online trading. In fact, the platform refers victims to broker scams.

The broker scams redirect victims to some payment processors via the subdomain https://paym.cryptex.ltd.

Otherwise, there is little to report about these poorly made white-label scams. They are simply some of the hundreds active at any given time to steal from consumers.

Report Scammers

If you have information about Royal Capitals, its operators, and its facilitators, please share it through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

  1. James Crawford says:

    If you’re still dealing with this company i can tell you’re completely putting your money and life o the line. i have once been there and i never want to be involved in such scene again. In august 2017 i began my trading business with this broker and i was guaranteed a good profit and positive outcome after several weeks of trading i aided withdrawal since i was making huge profit but to my honest surprise i couldn’t withdraw my bonus what i encountered was that my account was locked out because i made several attempts of trying to get my money withdrawn after i realized this i contacted them and informed them about my experience and the issue got resolved by them but my surprise was that the whole of my $120000 was gone already i fainted immediately i saw this and ever since then i tried to reach their customer service only for them to completely ignore me since i already knew what they were up to i didn’t make hesitation i quickly consulted “webghost33 on telegram” and fortunately i was able to get assistance from them they were able to help me get back all my money in full i”ve been happy ever since their intervention. They don’t charge any upfront charges.

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