Attention! Do not fall for PandaTS white-label scam broker StoxDC attacking European consumers!

investor warning against stxDC and PandaTS
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In the last few days, many people have received emails from [email protected]. In these emails, you are informed that there are new transfer details for an alleged payment that you should have received. Please check the inserted link. The link leads to the website BigTopChannel (https://bigtopchannel.org) where investments in Amazon are suggested. From there you will be redirected to the payment page of the PandaTS scam broker StoxDC. Stay far, far away.

Key data

Trading namestoxDC
Domain registrarNameCheap
Legal entityHeimdall Developments Ltd
JurisdictionCommonwealth of Dominica
Attacking languagesEnglish, Spanish, German
Related scamsDaxiron, Marketrip, Coinnery,
Moneta Markets, Evest,
via vendor IDs 01b873028f9a3983a45f
and 6bfd77a231a34cc5ac8f
Payment processorsSysPG (https://syspg.net)
AdvCash (www.advcash.com)
Promoted byInvestors Education (https://investors-education.com)
BigTopChannel (https://bigtopchannel.org/amazon-invest)

The narrative

stoxDC is another illegal broker on the PandaTS white-label broker platform. Heimdall Developments Ltd, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, allegedly operates the scheme. The payment gateway is operated by the anonymous Hong Kong-based SysPG (https://syspg.net). Customers can make deposits using credit and debit cards and AdvCash. For deposits via AdvCash, Website2 (https://website2.website) is acting as a fake merchant. We were alerted by a victim of the stoxDC broker scam that this and other broker scams until recently operated under the same PandaTS Vendor ID.

The noteworthy thing about stoxDC and the documents provided by a whistleblower is that they prove that PandaTS operates many illegal brokers and broker scams. Moreover, the information suggests that the very same PandaTS clients operate a portfolio of illicit PandaTS broker platforms. The Israelis Mahor Lahav and Shmuel Gutman are the well-known owners of PandaTS.

It is also interesting that deposits from stoxDC victims are settled through the Belize-registered payment processor Advanced Cash Limited d/b/a AdvCash via the fake merchant Website2. The website provides the Indian phone number +91 8527758839 for contact purposes.

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Should you want to state your opinion on this stoxDC report, please feel free to leave a comment. You can also confidentially share information about the scam and its platform operator PandaTS with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

  1. Mireia says:

    Thanks for writing this, we need to let people know how bad this company is and the way the operated..
    I am a victim, I lost all my savings and the most enfurating thing is, that even after I went to the police, and told what happened, they told meis nothing they can do about it.. and the company stoxdc called me again to ask for more money to get mine back.. is not help at all for victims and websites like trustpilot keeps giving them good reviews and me the victim i need to show proof after proof for my reviews be approved and not taken down by stoxdc.. is abusing and horrible this kind of scams, because after losing all my money, I don’t have any help and the scamers seem to be able to keep getting away and the victims we are left to rotten.
    So thank you for this i do appreciate and if you need any documents or anything to write something else I will happily send it

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