Attention Germany! Do not fall for the ImperialFunding scam!

investor warning ImperialFunding broker scam
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In today’s reviews, we were led via some fraudulent marketing campaigns on the Top Brokers Comparison platform (www.topbrokerscomparison.com) to the broker scam ImperialFunding (www.imperialfunding.de) which seems to attack primarily German consumers. The Bulgarian A&E Products Ltd allegedly operates this very poorly made white-label scam. In our review today, no deposit was possible without direct contact with boiler room agents. Stay far away from this scam, keep your money and your data!

Top Brokers Comparison promotes fraud campaigns

The Top Brokers Comparison website constantly displays the ongoing fraud campaigns that attack German consumers, among others. These campaigns are constantly changing. The website heavily advertises on Google. It is amazing that Google accepts these advertisements for fraudulent financial offers.

Today, Top Brokers Comparison is running the following scam campaigns:

Through these scam campaigns, you are then led to broker scams like ImperialFunding. Do not fall for it. You will not only lose your money but also your data which will be misused for the scammers’ purposes.

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