Attention! Stay away from BenefFX and Gloffix broker scams!

warning against BeneFX and Gloffix broker scam
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The fraudulent Bitcoin Up marketing campaign today promotes the BenefFX (www.benefffx.com) broker scam. After registering with Bitcoin Up, prospective victims are redirected to BenefFX‘s cashier page. There, victims can lose their money via credit and debit cards as well as PayRetailers and AcePay. The scam is allegedly operated by the offshore entity Optium Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands. Key Solutions Ltd in Bulgaria is stated as the payment processor. BenefFX attacks victims in English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic.

The same Bulgarian boiler rooms operate BenefFX scam as Gloffix (www.gloffix.com). Both use the Bulgarian entity Key Solutions Ltd as a payment processor; both platforms are white-label mutations on the same platform and use Praxis Cashier. Would you please read our warning report on Gloffix here?

ForexBrokerz has described in a detailed review why consumers and small investors should avoid BenefFX. This offshore broker is a straight scam.

BenefFX has announced on only November 2, 2021, via press release that it wants to intensify its activities on the German market. Well, that’s a dangerous threat against German consumers. The Bitcoin Up campaign is likely to be part of these intensified activities in the German-speaking region. In October 2021, BenefFX presented itself as a new Asian offshore broker via press release. Stay far away from this scam and fraud campaigns such as Bitcoin Up. Safe your money and your data.

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