Attention! Unauthorized Offshore Broker Margex Still Soliciting Clients!

investor warning against crypto derivative broker Margex
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In Feb 2022, the Spanish regulator CNMV issued a warning against crypto derivatives broker Margex. On its website, Margex claims that the so-called MP Shield system would protect clients from price manipulation on the crypto market. The offshore broker offers leverage of up to 100:1, which is significantly higher than the maximum leverage of 30:1 allowed by ESMA. Margex is active on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook and deploys an aggressive affiliate and referral system to chase new clients. Margex is still active with Changelly and ChangeNow!

Key Data

Trading nameMargex
Social mediaFacebook, Twitter
Legal entityMargex Trading Solutions Ltd
Payment processorFintechvision Limited d/b/a Changelly
CHN Group Limited d/b/a ChangeNow

The Narrative

Deposits to Margex can only be made in Bitcoins. However, the integrated purchase of Bitcoins via credit card is offered via the Hong Kong crypto exchange Changelly (https://changelly.com) and the Seychelles-based ChangeNow (https://changenow.io). The purchased Bitcoins are transferred to the wallet on Margex. In this way, however, Margex clients have no possibility for a chargeback. Officially, the deposits with a credit card are labeled and coded as purchases of Bitcoins.

The Affiliate and Referral System of Margex pays for the referral of new clients 40% commission from the trading fees brought by the new client.

You should generally be very careful with cryptocurrencies. This is a high-risk segment. In this respect, you should not increase the risk again by trading with a non-regulated broker like Margex. Especially you should not work with a non-regulated broker with high leverage. You will almost certainly lose your money.

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If you have any information about Margex and its operators, please share it with us through our whistleblower system Whistle42.


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