Attention! YuanPay Group fraud campaigns hunting victims for TrustFina scam

investor warning against Trustfina and High Net Group
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Today, a fake Forbes article on the Ikonitex website (https://iktonitex.com) leads us to the fraudulent YuanPay Group campaign Safe Investment Daily website (https://safe-investment-daily.com). The promise of quick riches is always made there. Anyone who registers with the campaign is automatically created as a future victim of the TrustFina broker scam and redirected to its payment page. The scam is operated via High Net Group Ltd in the Marshall Islands. German and English-speaking consumers are attacked. We have already warned about the TrustFina scam (see warning here).

The YuanPay Group fraud campaign promises that you can buy China’s official government-backed cryptocurrency (“China Coin”) and make a lot of money. The campaign has been going on for many months and has already caught many victims for many scams.

The two scams TrustFina (www.trustfina.com) and Cryptansa (www.cryptansa.com), are operated by High Net Group Ltd and the same boiler rooms. Probably many other scams as well. Just stay far away from fraudulent marketing campaigns and save yourself money, the theft, and the abuse of your data.

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