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Google and Facebook make big money with them and appreciate them, unofficially, of course. We talk about digital marketing agencies chasing victims for their scam clients with sophisticated fraud campaigns. These campaigns start, for example, with emails from fake investment experts purporting to be working for advisors with good-sounding names like Investor Profits. The sole purpose of these emails is to acquire victims for their scam clients. These emails direct victims via several referral hubs to fraudulent marketing campaigns like Elite Trading Club running on many sites like CrazyOffersForYou (https://crazyoffersforyou.com).

Some fraud campaigns

There are countless scam campaigns like Investor Profits. There would also be the following other candidates to mention:

  • INVESTOR PROFITS with the purported address Oranjestraat 15 in Amsterdam and the domain https://investor-profits.net linked with the website TRADERS CENTRAL
  • TRADERS VAULT in Amsterdam (address like Investor Profits) with the domain https://viptradersvault.com which is linked to the TRADERS CENTRAL site.
  • THE PRO IS THE MAN with the very same Amsterdam address and the domain https://traderscentral.io refer you to TRADERS CENTRAL
  • FINANCIAL HANDSHAKE in Middlesex Edgware with the domain https://financialhandshake.com leading to the website FINANCIAL HANDS
  • APACHE FOREX with the address 5 Ropemaker Street in London and the domain www.handsonfinancial.net which leads to the website FINANCIAL HANDS
  • EDUCATION TRADERS in Middlesex Edgware whose domain www.educationtraders.com leads to the website TRADER EDUCATION.

These brands and websites are nothing but smoke and mirror or Potemkin villages. We could continue the list forever, but you grasp the pattern, don’t you? It would be pointless to track these fake brands, websites, and domains in detail. They change every day. What is important is to recognize the pattern that these digital marketing agencies use.

Typically, Google searches for topics such as trading or investing are populated with ads from these fraud campaigns. They crisscross the internet like a spider web.

They steal your monies and data

These digital marketing agencies direct traffic to their clients’ websites and receive part of the respective revenue. In doing so, these agencies are often active as so-called introducing brokers or introducing businesses (IB) and get their share from the deposits of the acquired customers (victims). Additionally, these agencies broker the data of the victims of these scam campaigns and make additional money.

These agencies make big money with their fraud campaigns. Most recently, Simone Weinglass of The Times of Israel brought an interesting report on Webpals, an Israeli digital marketing agent listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM). The company earned millions in profits and huge growth with this type of business. The business essentially uses fraudulent methods to acquire customers and their data for high-risk or illegally operating businesses.

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