Alert! Stay far away from Trustfina and Cryptansa broker scams

investor warning against Trustfina and High Net Group
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The notorious Bitcoin Circuit fraud campaign is running today on the website https://insaneoffrforyou.org and chases victims for the broker scam Trustfina (www.trustfina.com). The Marshall Islands-registered High Net Group Ltd is allegedly operating the scam. As usual, when registering on Bitcoin Circuit, one is also automatically registered as a potential victim with Trustfina and redirected to the scam’s payment page. There, victims can lose their money via credit and debit card, bank transfer, or crypto. Stay far away from Trustfina and its scam twin Cryptansa.

The Trustfina scam is active in English and German, with the main target group likely to be German-speaking retail investors and consumers. Our screening of the various fraudulent marketing campaigns today uncovered that Trustfina is only referred if the IP belongs to a German-speaking region.

The offshore entity High Net Group is also used to operate the Cryptansa (www.cryptoansa.com) broker scam which has an almost identical design and operations. This scam attacks victims in English and German but also in Russian. For more information on Cryptansa, please read this review on The Forex Review.

Stay far away from fraudulent marketing campaigns like Bitcoin Circuit and the brokered scams. This will save you from losing your money and from having your data stolen and misused.

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