Investor warning – Illegal Cento GX broker chases victims via Crypto Hopper

investor warning Cento GX broker scam promoted by Crypto Hoppers
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The Crypto Hopper marketing campaign (www.crypto-hoppers.com) is on the hunt for potential victims for various brokers. Most of them are either illegally operating brokers or outright scams. In today’s screening, we found the Cento GX broker scam via Crypto Hopper. The operator of this scam is said to be Cento GX Ltd, with an address in London, United Kingdom. We did not find the company. The payment processors we found are Coinicash and AdvCash, which are integrated with the SysPay cashier (www.syspay.cc). Victims can lose their money with credit and debit cards or with Bitcoins.

The Cento GX scam is actually well crafted and almost perfectly prepared to present itself as a legal broker you can trust. But you cannot. It was launched with a press release in June 2021. The operators have created a profile on CrunchBase and opened presences on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On Trustpilot, Cento GX has a 4.2-star rating with a “Great” trust level. However, of the 58 reviews, most look like fakes made by reviewers who did just this one review. We suspect that these are the Boiler Room agents.

The scammers have definitely put effort into the scam and are now hunting for victims via marketing campaigns. Stay far away and do not get caught. Safeguard your money and data.

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