Austrian FMA warns against the strange crypto scheme Panteras Capital!

FMA warns against Panteras Capital crypto scheme
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The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) issued an investor warning against Panteras Capital. The operator of this broker/arbitrageur is UK-registered Panteras Capital PLC which is controlled by three Austrians Joachim Busch, born in July 1946, Felix Thurn, born in September 1961, and Peter Waiglein, born in December 1965. The company was incorporated in June 2021 as PTN Capital PLC and later renamed. It offers some crypto investment plans but does not have any authorization to do so.

Panteras Capital‘s website claims that it had been developing arbitrage software since 2016. In 2020, they would have successfully launched the CAP token and incorporated various OTC markets into their arbitrage software. In Q1 or Q2 2021, they would have already managed more than €100 million from investors. All apparently without any permission or license from a regulator.

On the website, some other team members are listed like Phillip Maertens, Mike Fromm, Catherine Jork, or Gordon Berk.

In their main profession, the beneficial owners of the Pantera Capital scheme, Peter Waiglein and Joachim Busch, apparently sell everything and the kitchen sink. The website www.w-und-b.at currently offers mouth-nose protection masks to protect against Covid19. We recommend staying far away from Panteras Capital.


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