Please notice! Broker scams Tandem Markets and Global Morgan on the hunt!

Investor warning against Global Morgan and Tandem Markets broker scams
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In our reviews today, we have discovered that currently, via Yuan Pay a/k/a Yuan Pay Group scam campaign, the broker scam Tandem Markets (www.tandemmarkets.com) is being promoted. This scam is operated by the same boiler rooms and marketing companies as Global Morgan (www.globalmorgan.com). Currently, there are no warnings from regulators against either scam. Stay far away and keep your money and data.

We have not encountered the Tandem Markets scam yet. This means nothing, as scammers launch dozens of new brands and domains every day. The Tandem Markets scam attacks victims in English, French and German languages. As a payment processor, we have discovered Coinsxo via BoxiPay cashier. Deposits are currently only possible via cryptocurrencies. The Tandem Markets website does not provide any information about the operators or the relevant jurisdiction. We last discovered Coinsxo in the IGC Markets broker scam (see report here).

In the privacy policy of Tandem Markets, we learned that it is operated by the same scammers and on the same platform as the Global Morgan (https://globalMorgan.com) scam. So it doesn’t take a rake scientist to determine that the two scams, like dozens of others, are run by the same boiler room. Stay far away.

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