Avachoice broker scam facilitated by BitcoinUp fraud campaign and Estonian WE4BTC

Avachoice broker scam facilitated by BticoinUp fraud campaign
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We receive several dozen spam emails promising us money, wealth, and success on an average day. At the same time, scammers and their facilitators attack in different countries and language areas with different campaigns and domains. For example, in the UK today, BitcoinUp has been promoting the broker scam Avachoice (www.avachoice.com) through UflySmart. As scam-facilitating payment processors, we discovered Estonian KeyPay Global OÜ d/b/a WE4BTC (www.we4btc.com) as well as Viva Wallet with German Primic GmbH.

Avachoice‘s website does not state who the operator is and under which jurisdiction the scam is operated. The integration of WE4BTC is not a deep one; Avachoice is likely to be only an affiliate of the crypto payment processor. Potential victims who want to deposit through this crypto payment processor need to register separately with WE4BTC.

Clicking on the Viva Wallet (www.vivawallet.com) payment option, we found out that Primic GmbH, a company registered in Berlin, Germany, is the registered merchant.

Stay far away from these fraudulent marketing campaigns like BitcoinUp and the scams that promote them. If you have any information about these marketing campaigns or scams, please share it with our FinTelegram team.

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