The B2G Legacy – The German ‘Zusammen Wohnen Zusammen Leben’ Venture

B2G laundromat with Rainer Treuer and Oleg Shvartsman
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Founded in 2016 in Cologne, Germany, by German Rainer Treuer (LinkedIn profile) and his Russian partner Oleg Shvartsman (LinkedIn profile), B2G GmbH was one of the leading illegal payment processors until it was uncovered by law enforcement. According to the findings of the investigating EU authorities in various countries, B2G may have facilitated hundreds of cybercrime & scam ventures. According to information in a presentation distributed in 2016 (see screenshot below), B2G GmbH was part of a “B2G Management Consortium” with more than 300 companies participated in the B2G network (aka B2G Consortium) and generated €790 million in revenues. Impressive, right? Meanwhile

Dark Payment Processors

FinTelegram has an abundance of evidence and proof that B2G has participated in big scams like Blue Trading, Option888, XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, and myriads of other brands. Moreover, B2G was the money laundromat of choice for some of the big cybercrime organizations like those of the Israeli Gal Barak and the deceased German Uwe Lenhoff. Both have been arrested in early 2019 on charges of operating cybercrime organizations.

Through B2G the client victims of these cybercrime ventures have been defrauded of hundreds of millions. In 2018 the German authorities carried out house searches for the first time, seized bank accounts, and froze funds. B2G, Shvartsman, and Treuer are also on file with other authorities in the EU. They are under investigation on suspicion of aiding and abetting investment fraud and money laundering. The financial market supervisory authorities in the various regulatory regimes are responsible for the area of illegally (unauthorized) provided payment services.

The Real Estate Business

Treuer and Shvartsman have also been working in the real estate sector while they ran B2G and are said to move their money through real-estate ventures. According to the documents presented to us by whistleblowers, Rainer Treuer, his wife Valeria Treuer, and Oleg Shvartsman are, for example, invested in the Zusammen Wohnen Zusammen Leben (ZWZL) venture with several legal entities and project across Germany.

Valeria Treuer, Rainer Treuer and their ZWZL Venture

Shvartsman has excellent contacts with investors in Israel – where the majority of B2G‘s scam clients are located – and is acquiring funds for his real estate group there. The boundaries between legal and illegal money are fluid. It is ultimately up to the authorities to determine and assess this.

LLiability towards aggrieved investors

The fact is that Treuer and Shvartsman, as accomplices, co-conspirators, and facilitators, helped scammers like Gal Barak and Uwe Lenhoff steal millions of dollars from thousands of victims. For this, they are liable to the aggrieved investors. Even with their real estate.

We find it important that the background of scam-facilitating payment processors is disclosed to the aggrieved investors and authorities. In this way, assets can be identified which are to be used to make reparation payments to the aggrieved parties of scam clients.

Share Information with FinTelegram

If you have information about B2G, Rainer Treuer, Valeria Treuer, or Oleg Shvartsmann and their respective activities, we would be grateful if you would share it with our FinTelegram Research Team. You can use our Whistleblower System for this purpose.

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