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Breaking News: VELTYCO Finally Takes Actions and Restructures Board and Senior Management

It is no secret that we believe that VELTYCO has been (is) sort of an “Evil Empire” (Ⓒ Ronald Reagan) in the world of cryptocurrency, gaming, and sports betting. This is why we launched our investigations around this empire. We received a lot of information from many people about questionable businesses and transactions. One of the last questionable VELTYCO transactions was the ESPORTS.COM venture resulting in a faked ICO and a collapsed business (read this telegram). The architect and mastermind behind VELTYCO were quite obviously the German Uwe LENHOFF, a veteran in the betting and gaming business, and his friend Ilan TZORYA.

We have no idea whether or not our investigations and telegrams are connected with the latest VELTYCO move – the immediate resignation of Uwe LENHOFF from his position as COO of the company. His close friend Ilan TZORYA resigned with immediate effect from his position as non-executive director. Furthermore, we learned from a press VELTYCO press release dated March 26, 2018, that another senior officer close to LENHOFF had to resign too with immediate effect.

It may well be that this VELTYCO movement is just a sort of cosmetics to remove Mr. LENHOFF from the front to sail out of the stormy waters and gain some time for restructuring. Actually, that’s what ESPORTS.COM did just recently – remove the founders and senior management. As Uwe LENHOFF and the senior manager will continue to work for VELTYCO we assume the announced change on board and management is just cosmetics. On the other hand – the current press release at least discloses the relationships/partnerships of the board members with other companies. This is something that neither Uwe LENHOFF nor Ilan TZORYA would be able to do without legal consequences, we guess.

We continue to investigate and will give you another update soon. Stay tuned!

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