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EuroPrime and F1Markets – Tel Aviv-based broker network licensed in Cyprus

EuroPrime is a trading style of F1Markets Ltd. licensed in Cyprus with CIF license number 267/15 and we have recently portrayed F1Markets on FinTelegram. However, the beneficial owners of F1Markets, as well as, key operating units are located in Israel. In fact, many of the investment companies registered and licensed in Cyprus are Israeli dominated. According to involved lawyers, CySEC has a long tradition of a rather "relaxed regulatory approach" as the Italian market supervisory authority CONSOB implicitly stated in the case of Rodeler Limited.

Investor Alert – Canadian Richmond Minerals and Austrian Silbermine

Toronto registered Richmond Minerals Inc. is a mining company listed on the Canadian TSX-V. The company is a micro-cap listed on the stock exchange and has a capitalization of just over CAD 3 million. Investors love to speculate with micro-cap stocks like Richmond. CEO of the company is the Austrian Franz Kozich-Koschitzky who has also gained a special reputation with other mining companies like Vendome and has collected a lot of investor money. The acquisition of 99 mining rights of the Austrian silver mine in exchange for 40 million shares in Richmond is a dubious deal for the shareholders.


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