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Brüc+Bond and ZP Advocates – or how perpetrators work to intimidate FinTelegram and its partners

FinTelegram has been successfully exposing scams for almost two years now and also shows which payment service providers and lawyers have participated in these scams (in whatever role). Therefore FinTelegram is hated by the scams and their lawyers and partners. We understand that. This also applies to Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski and their various companies from Payotech Ltd (disappeared) to Moneta International ((renamed) to SeeddPay on Marshall Islands or Hermes Solution DOO in Montenegro. FinTelegram was not founded to receive the love of scammers. FinTelegram was founded to stop scammers.

Veltyco principals sell shares

Controlling Veltyco shareholders Uwe Lenhoff, Dirk Jan Bakker, and Ilan Tzorya sell part of their holdings amidst criminal proceedings.

FinTelegram Under DDoS Attack

FinTelegram is again the target of a huge DDoS attack. We apologize for any inconvenience our readers may experience and do our best to fight…

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