Daily Affiliate Alert – Fraudulent Bitcoin Worldwide campaign promotes broker scams

fraudulent marketing campaign Bitcoin Worldwide promotes broker scams
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Today we receive an email in which we are informed that there would still be a credit balance of more than €1,800 on our account. They had already tried to contact us several times to let us have our money! Within 48 hours, they would delete the account if we did not contact them. OK, let’s have a look. The link in the email takes us to the BITCOIN WORLDWIDE campaign, where we are promised a bitcoin bonus. Then we are redirected to the YuanPay Group (www.yuanpay-system.com) site, which finally redirects us to payment pages of various scam brokers. Among them are CySEC-regulated brands.

The BITCOIN WORLDWIDE campaign seems to be primarily pursuing victims in German-speaking countries. Do yourself a favor and do not fall for these fraudulent campaigns. Use your common sense before making any registration, let alone investment. Reasonable people should recognize the scam. Just registering will result in your data being misused. Save yourself the hassle and frustration associated with this.

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