Daily Affiliate Warning – Celebrity campaign BitQT promotes broker scams TopMarketCap and Hackford

Fraudulent affiliate campaign promotes Paragon Finance scams
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Today we find an email from the famous German entertainer Thomas Gottschalk or at least from someone using his name. A fake celebrity campaign. Good, we already know that too. The email links us to his incredible story about the BitQT crypto trading platform. We land on the website https://digitalsouce.com/bitqt, and there they chasing potential victims for the broker scams TopMarketCap (www.topmarketcap.com) and Hackford (www.hackford.cc) today. Stay far away.

Paragon Finance Inc allegedly runs the Hackford broker scam. The UK regulator FCA issued an investor warning against this company registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica in December 2020. Also related to this is Xertz Consulting Inc, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The only payment options available are cryptocurrencies. Paragon Finance scams have operated other domaiins such as www.prgn-trade.cc, www.prgntrade.co, www.paragon-finance.co, or www.paragon-finance.io. They are all offline now.

On TopMarketCap‘s website, we did not find any legal entity as an operator. Deposits can be arranged only in direct contact with the account manager.

Do not fall for the poorly and cheaply made fraudulent affiliate campaign and broker scams. This will save you losses and frustration.

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