EFRI Support for funds recovery lawsuit against 23Traders and its perpetrators in Tel Aviv

EFRI supports funds recovery lawsuit 23traders
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FinTelegram’s mission is to protect investors and support defrauded retail investors and victims of investment scams. To this end, FinTelegram co-founded the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI). While FinTelegram tries to warn, inform and educate investors with its reports on cyberscams, EFRI focuses on funds recovery. Together, FinTelegram and EFRI want to make online investments safer.

EFRI affidavit for lawsuit

Over the last few weeks, EFRI has been working with an Israeli lawyer on a lawsuit against the operators and managers of the 23Traders binary options scams via EFRI principal Elfriede Sixt. Sixt is a chartered public accountant, registered public auditor, and former Ernst & Young partner. This gives her corresponding experience in the forensic analysis of corporate & business data.

FinTelegram provided the existing data, documents, and reports for this 23Traders lawsuit. This set of information was condensed by EFRI and the lawyer into a comprehensive affidavit that serves as a basis for the funds’ recovery lawsuit before the competent court in Tel Aviv. FinTelegram recently reported on this lawsuit.

Learn more about the 23Traders case here

Other victims of the 23Traders scam may join this lawsuit via EFRI’s website and/or register for updates.

Support for lawsuits

Further funds recovery lawsuits and complaints will be filed in the coming weeks and months. FinTelegram and EFRI offer lawyers and defrauded investors to support their claims with information, deep research reports and consulting. Requests for assistance can be made via our Case Support Request form here:

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