Exposed! The EZ2GO Scam Network And Its New Brands!

Investor warning against EuropeMarket broker scam
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In May 2021, German BaFin issued a Cease and Desist Order against EZ2GO Ltd, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica (report here). It operated the broker scam CapitalFX. On 26 Sept 2022, BaFin announced investigations against the broker scams Europemarket.io and Economix.io operated by Archax Ltd in Sweden. Bullshit, of course. They are evidently part of the same scam network. They are not connected to the FCA MLRs-registered crypto & digital assets provider Archax Ltd.

Key Data

Trading namesEuropeMarket, Economix,
BT Save, CapitalFX

and others
Legal entitiesArchax Ltd, Aegion Group Ltd,
JurisdictionsCommonwealth of Dominica
WarningsMAS, FMA, Consob, BaFin

Short Warning Narrative

We are sure that we have identified only a fraction of the scam brands. These scam networks are huge, and through their boiler rooms, dozens of brands are operated and constantly change. The EZ2GO scam network has been active for several years with various scams. Regulators have warned against some of their brands:

  • In December 2019, the MAS in Singapore issued an investor alert against BT Save (www.btsave.io and www.btsave.net) which EZ2Go also operated.
  • The Austrian FMA issued a warning against Aegion Group Ltd and CapitalFX in August 2020,
  • The Dutch MFSA issued a warning against CapitalFX
  • in March 2021, the Italian Consob ordered the blackout of CapitalFX‘s website in April 2021.
  • In September 202

In their new 26 Sept 2022 announcement, BaFin says that the fake Archax LTD uses forged forms from the German Central Tax Office for fraud purposes. In addition, employees of boiler rooms send their victims their “licenses” issued by the European Finance Association (EFA). We know this bullshit approach too. Such documents are not issued by the EFA.

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If you have any information about the EZ2GO scam network, its operators, and activities, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.


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