FMA warns against IFX Banc and Global Payment Solutions

IFX Banc and Global Payment Solutions
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On September 1, 2020, the FMA issued an investor warning against IFX Banc (www.ifxcapitals.com and www.ifxbanc.com) which is allegedly operated by Global Payment Solutions LLC in Podgorica, Montenegro. A quickly conducted review by FinTelegram revealed that the Bulgarian Ankor Group Investment Ltd is also stated as the operator. Once again, the Cypriot Praxis Cashier System Ltd of Amit Klatchko appears as a payment processor along with the Estonian AllGlobalPay.

Notorious operators

Ankor Group Investment Ltd, allegedly registered in Bulgaria, has already been associated with a number of other scams in the last two years. Among others, the UK FCA has issued an investor warning against the company in connection with the ZurichBanc scam. The Italian CONSOB has issued an investor warning against the company IFX Banc in connection with the domain www.ifxbanc.com. We have not found the company in the Bulgarian company register under company number 205655321.

According to the FMA, the Global Payment Solutions LLC seems to be identical with Global Payment Solutions Podgorica DOO (“GPS“), registered with the company no 50738515. It is in fact the same address data in Podgorica. The director of the company, the Belgrade-based lawyer Marko Vujosevic, when asked today, stated that the company would not do business since 2018 and that some other party is abusing his company’s name.

Cybercrime connections

GPS has its roots in the cybercrime organization of the Israeli Gal Barak and the German Uwe Lenhoff. Both held 25% of the shares in GPS and used the company to rip off customers through their scam brands such as Option888, XMarkets, or VEmarkets. Barak and Lenhoff were arrested in early 2019. While Lenhoff died under mysterious circumstances during his pre-trial detention, Barak was charged in Vienna and sentenced to prison.

Barak and Lenhoff actually had their headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria until early 2019. In this respect, this connection makes perfect sense.

At IFX Banc the Estonian crypto payment processor AllGlobalPay (www.agp.com) is integrated via Praxis Cashier and is operated by Oppino OÜ, a company with one of the worthless Estonian crypto licenses. It is a very deep integration of AllGlobalPay into the IFX Banc scam. The registration data as well as the IFX Banc Wallet are automatically transmitted to AllGlobalPay.

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