Gal Barak Case – The Communication Protocols with the Wolf of Sofia, Gery Shalon, and Vladislav Smirnov about millions for FinTelegram and their EFRI support

WhatsApp communication with Gal Barak and Gabi Shalon and Vladislav Smirnov
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The Israeli #cyberscam and boiler room operator Gal Barak and his expensive lawyers fight Fintelegram. That’s fine in principle. That’s his right and we respect that. However, the way to fight FinTelegram is apparently as illegal as the operation of its broker scams and boiler rooms in Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Gal Barak and family used to love FinTelegram

The Israeli cyberscam entrepreneur only forgets that a few days before his arrest he had desperately tried to become a friend of FinTelegram and to bribe the editor of FinTelegram. He has highly praised FinTelegram and the EFRI projects and promised his support. He wanted to fully compensate every single victim of his broker scams. He wanted to see every single client-victim of his schemes happy:

WhatsApp communication with Gal Barak about EFRI victims compensation
Gal Barak promises to make XTraderFX clients happy with compensation payments

Offer for silence

We’ve met Gal Barak twice and his partner Vladislav Smirnov once. They offered to give the publisher of FinTelegram a 25% stake in a million-dollar investment company for free in exchange for his support. It was also said that one would put money into EFRI to be able to quickly compensate investors.

Following the arrest of Gal Barak and his partner Uwe Lenhoff, EFRI operator Elfriede Sixt continued the discussions and spoke with Gal Barak’s Austrian lawyers about the promised compensation. It was also not even disputed by the lawyers that Gal Barak was the operator of the broker scams such as XTraderFX or SafeMarkets. How could he? Only compensation payments were negotiated. Now, this very same law firm is denying that Barak is a scammer and attacks FinTelegram for its respective articles. The truth is a rare animal, isn’t it?

Conspiracy Theory

The Barak lawyers are fabulating about secret criminal files from which FinTelegram would obtain illicit information. A great conspiracy theory is being drafted. They forget that the information comes directly from Gal Barak and his friends and former partners and employees. We don’t need any secret files. As injured and threatened parties of Gal Barak and Uwe Lenhoff, we have access to the files like any other recorded victim.

FinTelegram and EFRI are simply the publicly known place to go for the many victims and betrayed of Gal Barak and his family. That’s why we get information.

The lies and the shame

Gal Barak has not only lied to FinTelegram and EFRI. He is a highly gifted storyteller and lies also to other business partners and employees. He claims to be an honest businessman and a valuable member of the Israeli community. In fact, his actions put shame on his companies, his employees and his homeland Israel.

Family business

It should be noted that this communication and the meetings took place on the initiative of the Israeli lawyer of Gal Barak. The investigating authorities were informed immediately. The following communication protocols demonstrate how closely Gal Barak worked with Gery (Gabi) Shalon and Vladislav (Vlad) Smirnov. They called themselves a family. And this family not only wanted to give money to the FinTelegram editor but also to support the EFRI initiative and the many victims. Among the victims are also many of their own scams like XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, Golden Markets or OptionStarsGlobal.

The kill orders

The FinTelegram publisher, as well as, the operator of EFRI were allegedly ordered to kill as early as 2018. Why do we know that? Because the Serbian man commissioned by Barak’s partner Uwe Lenhoff informed the police and provided evidence. The corresponding protocols are available in the criminal files.

After the arrest of Gal Barak, this guy gave assassination orders. The Serbian man and the editor of the FinTelegram were to be killed. Why do we know that? Because we have received appropriate tips again. We even know the name of the alleged assassin. It was recommended by insiders that we only travel with personal protection. The corresponding statements are available from the police authorities in Austria and Serbia. The police take these threats seriously.

Gal Barak‘s lawyers also portray these threats as defamation and lies. The problem is that the threats are a reality. Knowing the informant and his environment, there is not the slightest doubt for us that the information is authentic. Finally, yesterday we were again informed that the threat still exists, that is, the order is still open.

The Communication protocols

It should be noted that this communication and the meetings took place on the initiative of the Israeli lawyer of Gal Barak. The investigating authorities were informed immediately.

Gal Barak meeting with FinTelegram and EFRI
WhatsApp communication with Gal Barak about Vienna meeting
FinTelegram communication with Gabi and Gal Barak
WhatsApp Communication with Gal Barak on project funding
Gabi Shalon and Gabi Sahlon about the cooperation with FinTelegram
WhatsApp communication with Gal Barak and Gabi Shalon how to make FinTelegram “big”
Gal Barak and Vladislav Smirnov communication about FinTelegram cooperation
WhatsApp communication with Gal Barak and Vladislav Smirnov about cooperation
WhatsApp communication with Gabi Shalon about EFRI

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