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EU Groundhog Day – Bulgarian court again adjourned decision on Gal Barak extradition while U.S. courts aggressively go for his former partners!

Today another trial took place in Sofia, Bulgarian. Again, the Austrian authorities' request for the extradition of the Israeli citizen Gal Barak, who lives in Sofia, was to be decided. Again, the decision was adjourned. Scheduled for 21 October 2019 now.

Gal Barak Case – The Communication Protocols with the Wolf of Sofia, Gery Shalon, and Vladislav Smirnov about millions for FinTelegram and their EFRI support

Gal Barak fights FinTelegram and the editor. With lawyers, technical assaults and kill orders. In choosing its means, the Israeli cyberscam entrepreneur is not squeamish.

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