German Cybercrime principal Uwe Lenhoff allegedly committed suicide

RIP Uwe Lenhoff
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The German SZ has reported that the alleged German cybercriminal Uwe Lenhoff, who was found dead in his prison cell in Germany on July 6, 2020, may have committed suicide. This is said to have been the result of the detailed investigations of the German authorities. Apparently the 57-year-old evaded prosecution and life in prison by committing suicide. The indictment against his co-conspirators is to take place as planned.

Lenhoff was arrested in his Austrian vacation resort in January 2019 and was soon to be charged, along with about a dozen other people, with operating a cybercrime organization in Germany. His former partner, the Israeli Gal Barak, was first arrested in Bulgarian in the course of this Law Enforcement Action, later extradited to Austria, and on September 1, 2020, was sentenced to four years in prison in the course of the Vienna Cybercrime Trials.

A 33-year-old Serbian witness in the trial, a former boiler room manager of Gal Barak, was found dead shortly after he gave his testimony to the German police. Heart failure after a drug overdose is said to have been the cause. The witness has severely incriminated Gal Barak and his accomplices.

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