German Prosecutors Filed Indictment Against Former SafeMarkets Manager Chen Ganon!

Isaraeli Chen Ganon arrested in Cyprus
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German prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Israeli Chen Ganon last year. The arrest warrant was suspended on bail. There is already an indictment and the trial will follow shortly. Ganon was one of the lieutenants of convicted cybercrime mastermind Gal Barak. As the manager in charge of the SafeMarkets scam Ganon was responsible for thousands of victims worldwide from whom millions were stolen. Ganon ran the boiler room behind SafeMarkets in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The WhatsApp Confession

SafeMarkets was a scam broker and part of the Israeli cybercrime organization E&G Bulgaria which was based in Sofia and operated through boiler rooms in the Balkans. Chen Ganon was the manager responsible for the SafeMarkets scam until at least 2019.

Chen Ganon provided information to crash the Gal Barak organization
Communication with Chen Ganon

In extensive WhatsApp messages, Ganon confirmed his involvement in the cybercrime organization to FinTelegram in April 2019 after the arrest of mastermind Gal Barak. He provided detailed information on the organization and also outlined which payment processors were involved in SafeMarkets.

Originally, Ganon was one of the managers of the planned SafeMarkets boiler room in Belgrade, which he was supposed to set up and run together with Amit Hulin in 2017. However, Barak had a fallout with the local partners. Violence ensued and Barak had to move the boiler room to Sarajevo with Hulin and Ganon.

At the time, FinTelegram forwarded all communications with Chen Ganon to law enforcement authorities, and with Ganon’s consent, included his contact information. Ganon was already one of the suspects under investigation at the time. Ganon did not show up for a scheduled interview with the police.

False Statements in Court

In a statement as a witness against another defendant in July 2023, Ganon claimed that he had been blackmailed by FinTelegram. This is interesting because the communication with Ganon proves the opposite. This can also be seen in the criminal files where the communication with Ganon is included.

We carefully read the transcript of the court hearing and compared it with the statements and facts that Ganon had sent us in 2019. There are some statements that do not add up. In particular, Ganon “forgets” to mention the role of Barak’s wife Marina who was CFO of the cybercrime organization. To FinTelegram, Ganon presented her role as very important. In the interrogation, he cannot remember her.

As a witness, Ganon is under a duty to tell the truth. As far as we can see, however, he did not tell the truth in his statements.

Whether he will be prosecuted by the public prosecutor’s office remains to be seen. His former boss, Gal Barak, also lied as a witness at the trial of his wife Marina Barak (formerly Marina Andreeva). As a result, the public prosecutor’s office filed an indictment. Anyway. Ganon’s trial for investment fraud in Germany starts soon.

The Other Fraudsters

Gal Barak and his team in prison

Ganon’s colleagues in crime, Tal-Jacki Zecharia Fitelzon (Jacki Fitelzon) and Kfir Levy, have already been convicted in Germany and are serving prison sentences there. In his latest testimony in court (broadcasted via videoconference from prison), Jacki Fitelzon again massively incriminated his former boss Gal Barak, portraying him as a manipulative liar and conman. Barak would be to blame for his being in prison.

After the conviction in Austria, the mastermind Gal Barak also awaits another trial in Germany. The European Court of Justice has allowed an indictment against Barak. In this respect, it is to be expected that Barak will also have to serve a prison sentence in Germany. Whether he will also be accompanied by Chen Ganon remains to be seen. It is up to the German court to make that decision! The Austrian court already found him guilty of investment fraud and money laundering.

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