Urgent Warning Against Fund Recovery Scam WorldRetrievalFunds!

Urgent FinTelegram warning against WorldRetrievalFunds scam
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First of all, we would like to thank the whistleblowers who provide us with information about fund recovery scams. One such scam is WorldRetrievalFunds, which is supposedly based in the United States and helps scam victims recover their money. In fact, it is a boiler room scam whose agents cold call scam victims and convince them that they can get their money back. This is bullshit. Stay far away and do not lose more money to these scammers.

Key Data

Trading nameWorldRetrievalFunds
Business activitiesFund recovery
Social medianot disclosed
Legal entitiesnot disclosed
JurisdictionsUnited States
Contact data+1 940 220-7418
[email protected]
Trustpilot3.7-star rating with “Average” trust level
Related individualsnot disclosed
Compliance ratingBlack

Short WorldRetrievalFunds Narrative

The individuals of WorldRetrievalFunds masquerade as legal professionals and engage in unsolicited calls to previous contacts, falsely claiming to represent financial regulators like FCA or BaFin. In doing so, these fund recovery scammers work with the data of scam victims that they have acquired from the scammers or on the dark net. They assert that the call recipients have experienced financial losses and inquire whether these losses are accurate. They then offer to investigate the matter.

After persistently calling for a period of 2-3 weeks, they establish a fraudulent online portal, providing prospects access to a fabricated platform displaying their funds. This ruse is designed to capture their attention. Subsequently, they request a fee to be paid either to the supposed “regulator” or the fictitious “lawyer firm” in order to facilitate the return of the individuals’ money.

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If you have any information about WorldRetrievalFunds or experience with the scheme, please let us know via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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