How to vanish from Google Search – Alleged German Scammer changed his names

Kai Christian Petersen becomes Christian Kai Haupt
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The Cologne-based German Kai Christian Petersen is accused by the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) of being one of the masterminds of a worldwide binary fraud scheme. In September 2019, the SEC filed a complaint against Petersen and his Israeli partners Gil Beserglik and his son Raz Beserglik. German BaFin and other EU regulators have also issued cease-and-desist orders and warnings against Petersen’s companies and brands. An excellent reason to disappear from the online public, isn’t it?

According to the German Companies Register, Kai Christian Petersen is now going by the name Christian Kai Haupt. How comes? Well, the “old” scam-related companies of Petersen aka Haupt were already last managed by the German Doris Haupt. Apparently Petersen has taken the family name of this Doris Haupt. Most likely by marriage. In the course of the change of the surname Petersen aka Haupt then also immediately changed his first name and is now Christian Kai. The brand new Christian Haupt is not yet known by Google Search or the authorities and the victims of his former scams.

The new Christian Haupt is Managing Director at COOC GmbH, MediaMate GmbH, ComServ GmbH, and AkustikUnion GmbH, all of them are registered in Duesseldorf, Germany. Duesseldorf is a kind of twin city of Cologne and thus in the immediate vicinity of Petersen aka Haupt.

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