Interesting: GSPartners And Josip Heit Threatens To Sue FinTelegram Over Blacklisting!

G999 of Josip Heit is blacklisted
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FinTelegram has received another letter from the law firm of Josip Heit. The latter is (among others) the beneficial owner of GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG and operates the multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme GSPartners a/k/a Swiss Valorem Bank and the cash system G999. There are warnings against this scheme from financial regulators. Therefore, we have included it in our black compliance list. For this, FinTelegram is now threatened with lawsuits by Heit’s German law firm.

The Regulators Are Irrelevant!

In their letter, the lawyers of Josip Heit or GSP Gold Standard Corporation first explain why the warnings of the Canadian financial regulators would be irrelevant. The reasons given for the irrelevance of the Canadian regulators are rather incomprehensible. Then the lawyers explain why, therefore, FinTelegram would have no right to put GSPartners or Heit’s other schemes on our Black Compliance List.

Read the FinTelegram blacklisting report here.

Apparently, the lawyers did not understand the term “compliance” or “black compliance” correctly. As the name suggests, the evaluation of FinTelegram in this context is about whether a financial services provider complies with legal and regulatory rules.

If a regulator, like the Canadian OSC, determines by public warning that a provider is not complying with the rules, then that provider automatically goes on our “black compliance list.” This should actually be compellingly logical. We therefore advise Heit’s lawyers, the German law firm Irle Moser, to contact the Canadian regulators (see table below, including the link to the warnings) and explain to them why you are unjustifiably on their warning lists.

To hold FinTelegram responsible for reporting regulatory warnings is nonsense. Keeping such blacklists is also in the interest of investor protection. Josip Heit is targeting a global audience of potential retail investors with his MLM scheme. Anyone who acts so publicly with finance-based products must also face public criticism accordingly.

The Lawyers’s Threat

German law firm Irle Moser and Josip Heit go against FinTelegram

The German law firm Irle Moser has acted with quite some legal pressure and insinuations in its letter to Fintelegram. We call this a SLAPP attack, where under threats of legal action, publications and public criticism are to be prevented. In order to prevent this from becoming known to the public, the law firm has forbidden us to publish the letter and to quote from it. Otherwise, legal action would be taken against FinTelegram.

So you threaten someone and threaten him again that measures will be taken if the threatened person reports the threat. Could it get any worse? Possibly, the German Bar Association should take a look at this.

G999 Key Data

Trading namesG999
Business activityBlockchain-based payment system
Related domainshttps://gspartners.global
Related legal entitiesGSB Gold Standard Pay Ltd, Kazakhstan
Swiss Valorem Bank LTD, Kazakhstan
IBBP Pay Services LTD, Kazakhstan
GSB Gold Standard Pay KB, Sweden
GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd, Mohéli
GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, Germany
GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG, Germany
GSB Premier Exchange Corporation Ltd, UK
GSB Gold Standard plc, UK
GSB Asset Financial Ltd, UK
GSB Money Ltd, UK
CoinX24 AG, Switzerland
SVB & GSPartners Global Limited, Hong Kong
JurisdictionKazakhstan, Sweden, Germany
AuthorizationFinancial Services & Payment provider in Kazakhstan
Related schemesGold Standard (MLM scheme)
GSPartners (MLM operators)
Lydian.World (metaverse MLM)
Related individualsJosip Heit
Related law firmIrle Moser (Website)
Regulatory warningsOSC, BCSC, ASC, FCAA
Compliance ratingBlack

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If you have any information about Josip Heit, his MLM schemes, and their affiliates, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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