Interesting: The Never-Ending Austrian Corruption Wave

Corruption and tax fraud Thomas Wagenhofer and Alexander Meryn
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At present, a wave of corruption is sweeping across Europe. It recently became known that the National Criminal Agency (NACA) intends to charge the acting governor of the National Bank of Slovakia, Peter Kažimír, with corruption. In Austria, the public prosecutor’s office investigates the former chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his team for corruption. As reported by the blog Wiener Zocker, there is also alleged to have been corruption in construction projects in Vienna.

Specifically, the alleged corruption case involves a property that the notorious Viennese real estate speculator Thomas Wagenhofer is said to have brokered to real estate developer Alexander Meryn. Meryn runs the Vienna-based GPS Beta Entwicklungs GmbH with the well-known real estate investor Klemens Hallmann and his SÜBA AG.

The Wiener Zocker reports that this transaction is said to have involved millions in undeclared commissions, unpaid taxes, and attempted bribery of officials of the City of Vienna.

According to information available to FinTelegram, the tax office is already investigating this matter due to tax fraud.

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