Investor Alert – Broker scam Plutus is still active with millions robbed from victims

FCA warns against Plutus Broker Scam
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In December 2020, the UK regulator FCA issued an investor warning against the broker scam Plutus. While at that time, the scam was operating with the domain www.plutus.pro, it is currently active with the domain www.plutus.global. According to the website’s information, the scam is operated by ITM Solutions LLC, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Currently, the only payment option is to deposit Bitcoins (BTC) to the given address. On social media, the scam is currently still active.

The Bitcoin address 16PdoBy7g5BnEKmuzM2emD9wSQisfMrRH7 used by the Plutus scam has not changed since December 2020. Evidently, victims made the latest deposits just a few days ago. So far, a total of more than BTC 31 has been deposited. That’s more than $1.7M according to today’s BTC price of around $55,000. Since our last report on December 22, 2020, “only more” around BTC 3.5 has been deposited. In December 2020, we still discovered the crypto payment processor BitTheBank operated by the licensed Lipan Services OÜ.

It is fair to assume that the Plutus scam has stolen several millions of cons since its launch sometime in 2019.Thei r boiler room agents used the fake names Dylan Nash, Dante Lynch, Kevin Shaw, or Peter Saroo.

Stay far away. Stay safe!

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