Investor warning against Capital Holdings broker scam with Way 2 Freedom affiliate scheme

investor warning Capital Holdings broker scam
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FinTelegram is registered with scams and their affiliate schemes through various email addresses. Therefore, several times a day, we receive emails from constantly new email addresses suggesting investment opportunities without risk with high returns. One of these email senders is the Way 2 Freedom (www.way2freedom.club) affiliate scheme, which today is feeding victims to, among others, the broker scam Capital Holdings which is supposedly operated by SNT Agensy World Ltd in the Marshall Islands with iPayTotal, the Estonian Paytechno, and Spanisch Ceca as the facilitating payment processors. Please do not fall for it.

Capital Holdings scam with Paytechno payment facilitator

Affiliate scheme operators like those behind Way 2 Freedom (www.way2freedom.club or www.way2freedom.services) work with a portfolio of domains and websites. Victims who registered with Way 2 Freedom, for example, are redirected either through www.algo-machine.com, www.fxoffers.com, or www.bst-offers.com to the promoted scams.

Capital Holdings broker scam with Ceca payment processor

Today, for example, Way 2 Freedom routes the potential victims to the Capital Holdings broker scam. During the redirection, the registration data from the affiliate site is passed on to the scam brokers. You are immediately asked to make deposits. For this job, the affiliates receive commissions. They are the “victim catchers” making good money with these illegal activities. And these affiliates are well aware of the criminal nature of their activities.

The Capital Holdings scam, available in German and English, works with the payment facilitators iPayTotal, the licensed Estonian crypto payment processor Paytechno OÜ d/b/a CryptoPayTech (www.cryptopaytech.com), and Ceca payment processors. The SNT Agensy World Ltd, allegedly registered in the Marshall Islands is presented as the scam operator and Merchant. The scam works with the domains (www.capital-hold.com, www.capitalholdings.de, and www.capit.holding.com).

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