Investor Warning against FXX Trader broker scam facilitated by BridgerPay

Investor warning FXX Trader scam with Bridgerpay
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Cyprus is high on the list of evil payment processors that support cybercrime and its scams with their technology and services. The Central Bank of Cyprus, as the responsible regulator, does precious little in the fight against these payment villains. These include the Israelis Amit Klatchko and Ran Cohen and their payment processors Praxis Cashier and BridgerPay, respectively. In the FXX Trader scam, the UK FCA has issued an investor warning against we have once again discovered BridgerPay. Relaxed regulators like CySEC and the Central Bank of Cyprus are the fertile soil for cybercrime.

FXX Trader Scam with Bridgerpay

Potential victims’ deposits to the FXX Trader broker scam can only be made via BridgerPay using credit and debit cards. We are sure that the intelligent cashier of BridgerPay will be in the best interest of the scam client for safe processing.

According to FCA’s findings and our own findings, FXX Trader is operated by legal entities in the UK, the Marshall Islands, and Bulgaria. On the website, TMA Consulting Limited and BONLUKI Consulting Ltd are provided as the operators.

We have found in the UK a TMA Consulting Limited with company No 0400200 with Ashish Chunilal Patel as the beneficial owner, and a Bonluki Consulting Ltd with company No 12487042 and Bulgarian Felek Kuraliev as the beneficial owner. We do not know for sure if these are the operators of the FXX Trader scam. In any case, Bonluki Consulting Ltd‘s address in London at 71-75 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, is correct.

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