Investor warning against Triton Markets!

Broker scam Triton Markets facilitated by Praxis Cashier
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Like on any other day, today, we have received more than a dozen emails from fraudulent marketing campaigns that are on the catch for victims of various scams. One email leads us (once again) to the already known scam campaigns Bitcoin Prime (https://gmxzxwbp.xyz/bitcoin-prime/) and Bitcoin Champion (https://gmxzxwbp.xyz/bitcoin-champion). From there, we are directed to the still active broker scam Triton Markets (www.tritonmarkets.com) a/k/a Triton Capital Markets.

Triton Markets broker scam facilitated by Praxis Cashier

The Triton Capital Markets a/k/a Triton Markets scam has been active for months with various domains.

Karello D Buro LLC allegedly operates the scam with addresses in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Budapest, Hungary.

In February 2021, the Austrian regulator FMA warned against the scam (see our report here).

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