Daily Marketing Alert – 1K Daily Profit fraud campaign promotes Status Markets broker scam

Investor warning against Status Markets scam promoted by 1k Daily Profit campaign
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The scams are literally looking out for the FinTelegram attention. Through the daily junk emails, we get an overview of the current (fraudulent) marketing campaigns and the scams promoted with them without much work. For example, the 1k Daily Profit campaign has been very active for many weeks. Today, the scam broker Status Markets (www.statusmarkets.com and www.status-mark.com) is advertised via it. This is allegedly operated by MarCo Global Projects Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands. Status Markets is a poorly made white-label scam; do not fall for it.

After registering, you receive an email asking you to upload a scan of your documents. Without uploading the documents, you will not be able to access the trading of the scam. Do not upload the documents under any circumstances. They will be misused by the scammers and their data will be used for illegal purposes.

In any case, avoid the fraudulent 1k Daily Profit campaign run via various domains such as www.1k-dailyprofit.com, Invest & Trade www.invest-and-trade.com), or Investment Generator www.investment-generator.com. In total, there are probably several dozens of domains or websites on which the 1k Daily Profit campaign runs and hunts new victims for scams.

If you have any information about Status Markets or 1k Daily Profit scams and their operators, we would be grateful if you would share it with our team.

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