Investor Warning – Scam crypto brokers MarketsPilot and CMarkets Group

Investor warning against MarketsPilot and CMarkets Group
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In the last weeks, we have received hints from customers and whistleblowers that the crypto trading platforms MarketsPilot (www.marketspilot.com) and CMarkets Group (www.cmarketsgroup.com) are scams. Our checks confirmed this assumption. Both crypto scams are operated by Click World Ltd in the Commonwealth of Dominica is in our opinion a scam. The involvement of Praxis Cashier as payment processor also underlines this. Red Flags everywhere!

MarketsPilot and CMarkets Group are typical white-label PumaTS (Leverate) scams set up by one of the many scam networks. They work with Sirix Trader Sirix is an all-in-one forex social trading platform developed by CySEC regulated Leverate Financial Services Ltd with the license number 160/11. PumaTS is a white-label platform based on the Leverate technology and infrastructure.

The involvement of Praxis Cashier of Amit Klatchko is an almost certain indication that it is a scam. No serious project would use Praxis Cashier as a payment processor or payment gateway.

Currently, there are no warnings from financial market regulators against these two platforms but this is only a matter of time. In the currently running crypto bull run, crypto trading scams are also shooting out of the ground again. Don’t be greedy. Do not fall for these scams.

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