It’s War Time: Boiler Room Operator Gennaro Lanza Against Customer Review Platform GripeoWartime:

Gennaro Lanza v Gripio
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FinTelegram News, a financial intelligence website, reported in 2020 and 2021 about Gennaro Lanza, an Italian residing in Malta. Lanza was identified as the operator of unregulated boiler rooms, notably Capital Solutions Ltd and associated offshore brokers. Lanza sent his Cypriot attorney, Artemis Antoniou. Gripio.com, a separate consumer review and complaint site, copied and republished FinTelegram’s articles without permission and started a war against Lanza.

Gennaro Lanza And Gripeo

It’s crucial to highlight that FinTelegram has no association with Gripio.com and condemns any abuse of its content. However, since lower articles are published under a Creative Commons license, platforms like Gripio are allowed to use the reports if appropriate credits are given to FinTelegram.

Interestingly, Gripio.com has been accused of operating an online extortion scheme. They reportedly publish slanderous articles and then offer charged services to remove or replace them. A DMCA complaint to Google suggests that Gripio.com is operated by the Indian national Vikram Parmar, also known by multiple other names. Parmar, facing criminal conspiracy charges in India, is allegedly associated with over 100 websites, including Dirtyscam.com and Repdigger.com.

Gennaro Lanza and vanished offshore broker OnSpotBNK

Lanza was also linked to the now-defunct offshore broker OnSpotBNK, according to FinTelegram investigations (see chart at left).

Read ourt OnspotBNK reports here.

Lanza refutes FinTelegram’s claims, suggesting that a vengeful former employee fed the site misleading and defamatory information. However, FinTelegram maintains the veracity of its reports, citing multiple whistleblowers and local investigator verifications.

Gennaro Lanza‘s personal website GennaroLanza.com narrates his version. He describes himself as the victim of a smear campaign led by Gripeo, which employed FinTelegram’s content, among others, to allegedly extort money from him. Lanza states that upon refusing to succumb to Gripeo‘s demands, the platform ramped up its efforts, publishing a myriad of negative content about him. After an initial article’s appearance on Gripeo in December 2022, Lanza claims he was offered a deal in March 2023: for $3,000 per article, negative content would be swapped with positive reviews.

Gennaro Lanza in war with customer review platform Gripio

Lanza alleges that Gripeo, operating a 65-website network, continued its campaign against him, even resorting to threats against his family. Lanza’s investigations also reportedly linked Gripeo with Dirtyscam.com.

The Other GennaraLanza Website

As part of the war between Gripeo and Lanza, the website GennaroLanza.net was opened, and unauthorized articles copied from FinTelegram were also published there. Then, sometime in 2023, the domain GennaroLanza.net was linked to FinTelegram.com. A strange war in the cybercrime scene.

Ultimately, a DDoS attack against FinTelegram was launched in mid-September 2023, which continues today. Our servers have been bombarded with nearly 50 billion malicious requests since then. Again and again, the FinTelegram website was temporarily unavailable, but eventually, this attack will be repelled as well. We do not know if Gripio or Gennaro Lanza are connected to the DDoS attack.

Share Information

If you have any information about Gripeo or Gennaro Lanza, please share it through our whistleblower system, Whistle42. We would also like to know who else is copying and publishing FinTelegram articles without authorization.

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